Cross Plexi

Bodil Kjær, 1959

Our second piece by Danish architect, professor, and designer Bodil Kjær is the sculptural Cross Plexi table. Cross Plexi is a practical and spacious coffee table designed in 1959. The design will fit beautifully into any room and become an ever-changing object that picks up ref lexes of sun and light and absorbs its surroundings.

Bodil Kjær

Bodil Kjær, Professor, Architect MAA was born in Denmark in 1932, and has since then led an impressive life all around the world. She was educated in Denmark, England and the States, and practised as an architect, designer and planner from her own offices in both Copenhagen and London. She’s been featured in the New York Times, her work can be seen in three early Bond movies, she’s got fans in the English Royal House, and she’s been know as the designer behind “The most beautiful desk in the world”. Ironically, the designer herself never really sought out fame or glory, but was always driven by the desire to educate herself, become better in her field, and to set new standards. A drive that meant her career also expanded into teaching, research, and professorship. Today, Bodil Kjær is back in Denmark and lives on the east coast of Jutland where she continues to teach, do research and participate in the architectural development of the city of Aarhus.

Product type:

Coffee table


60 x 60: H 35cm / W+D 60cm
80 x 80: H 40cm / W+D 80cm


Acrylic, glass


60 x 60 cm
80 x 80 cm